Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Favorite Comics of the Past Year

Over the past year of Joaquin the Chihuahua, I have drawn and posted 88 comics thus far.  Well, I guess I should be more specific.  For the first few months no comics were posted on this blog, but instead were featured on another blog called Veronica and Friends.  However, I soon gave up on the whole Veronica and Friends concept and got tired of maintaining the two separate blogs.  My solution was to merge the two so now all the comics are now featured right here!

Well, enough of that.  Of the 88 comics I've drawn, here are ten of my favorite:

10.  Yoga
Oh, I just don't understand yoga.  Mesun went all the time though, and I couldn't help picturing her all tied up like a pretzel in yoga class.  It was a silly idea, and I really liked how it turned out.
9.  Transfiguration Gone Wrong
This comic isn't terribly funny I guess, I just like how cute the drawing was!  Isn't it soooo cute?  He's a teddy bear!  What can be cuter than a teddy bear named Beary Potter?
8.  I Let Him Get His Hopes Up
This one makes me laugh every time!  I still have that wallet by the way.  And it looks even worse for wear these days... 
7.  You'd Think This Wasn't My Kitchen
I'm so impressed with myself!  I think this is probably the best drawn comic I've ever done!  The three Jacks look amazing.  And it perfectly chronicles how I could never find anything in that kitchen.  Depending on who put the dishes away, things could be anywhere.
6.  Jack Frost
This one also made the list simply because I'm proud of the drawing more than the joke.  It's one of the few comics to feature me with short hair.  And no, that's not a hat on my head.  People always think it's a hat.  It's supposed to be a pile of snow.  Maybe the drawing's not that good after all...
5.  "Hi, Welcome to... Home Depot?"
Although my friend Shannon called me out for being a tad stereotypical, I still think this one is funny.  Can't gay people make fun of other gay people?  Everyone knows I love the lesbians! 
4.  La Cucaracha
So I've just started doing comics with multiple panels, and I like how this one told a story without words (except for the end).  Sometimes my comics are more wordy than they are visual.
3.  10 Reasons to Obsess Over "Veronica and Friends" #8:  Show-Stopping Musical Numbers
This one is one of my very favorite comics ever simply because I drew Brian dressed as Barbra Streisand in the movie Funny Girl.  I love that I get to make him look as ridiculous as I want in these comics...
2.  Caterpillars
This is probably my most brilliant idea for a comic to date.  I love the concept, I love the coloring, and I love how cute the caterpillars turned out.
1.  10 Reasons to Obsess Over "Veronica and Friends" #7:  Health Tips
And here we have it!  My very favorite comic ever!  I love how fat and disgusting I made Brian and I look with bits of food all over the place... oh, it's just too much!  And sadly, this comic is based on a very true incident.  We did indeed cave in to McDonald's 50-piece chicken nugget deal when they had it, and in one setting, we totally scarfed down 25 nuggets apiece.  Plus Coke.  Plus fries.

Hope you enjoyed the list!  Coming soon is a look back at my ten worst comics!

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my faverit is the one with Snape teeching sex ed :-)


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