Monday, March 28, 2011

Interviews Out the Wazoo!

Hey world!  I just wanted to give everyone a quick little update on our job situation.  We are still unemployed... sad face... BUT between us we have had five interviews!  I'm telling you, getting a job interview is so much easier here in Utah than getting one in California.  Out there we submitted hundreds of applications to no avail.  We signed up with temp agencies to no avail.  We even bribed potential employers with drugs and sexual favors and still to no avail.

However, here in Happy Valley our application-to-interview ratio is at 100%!  One simply fills out an application and is granted an interview.  Brian has filled out two whole applications so far and has already had two interviews.  The first one was on Friday, and the second one was this morning.  One was for a customer service job and the other was for data entry.  The data entry job pays a little bit more and seems a bit easier, so we're both rooting for that one!

And me?  As of now I have filled out three applications, getting me three interviews.  The first one was today at 1:30 in the afternoon with a clothing store that is a bit on the teenagery, labley side of fashion.  The second interview was immediately after at 2:30.  It's another retail store, this one also catering to a younger crowd but a lot more fashion savvy and trendy.  And the last interview was just outside the mall at 4:15 this evening.  It's a movie theater and I secretly want that job more than the others.  Of course it's horrible pay, but it does mean we'd get to see movies for free again.

I do miss our free movies.  We haven't seen a single new release in 2011... and that's a crime.


Katie said...

Good luck!

Mishqueen said...

Is the customer service job with Convergys? I think Becky might still be "temporarily" working with them in SLC.


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