Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chihuahua Comics: 10 Reasons to Obsess Over "Veronica and Friends" #7: Health Tips


Kim said...

YES! YES! YES! I know exactly how you feel! McDonald's is so unhealthy yet so completely addicting and satisfying.

Anonymous said...

You took the 50 nugget challenge?!! It's that little thought that comes into your head when you see the sign advertising the 50 nuggets for $9.99 or whatever and you think to yourself...."Wow, 10 nuggets are so good...I really could eat a lot of them....but could I eat 50? No, but I could easily eat at least half that...Wow, only one way to find out..." I've had that same bellyache! LOL....glad to see I'm not the only one...it's that last 1/2 a box that really kills you. I've taken the same challenge with my honey.



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