Friday, May 21, 2010

Music Videos

So many things have been going on here that I haven't had any time to attend to my blogs.  Neither of them.  I know some people are pretty upset that the Veronica and Friends comics have stopped, and I haven't posted on this blog since Mother's Day.  There is a reason for my negligence, I promise!

You see, a little over a week ago I was contacted by Jeff Levin of Puretone Music (Atlantic Records) who is the manager of a start-up group called He Is We.  He had seen some of my animation online, and through youtube he messaged me with a business proposition.  I of course agreed to the work, and now I've been devoting every spare minute outside of my job to the completion of this music video.  I'm excited to say that it's almost done and looking fantastic!  I think it's my best video yet.

The best part of the news?  He's going to get me more work.  There are already a few projects lined up as soon as this one is completed, and with the help of his business manager, I'm on my way to becoming Jack Garcia, LLC with my own website and everything.  He hopes that within the next 6 months I'll be making 2 grand per video with my work airing on MTV and such! 

So if you're ticked off that I haven't been blogging as of late... get over it.  I'm a little busy at the moment.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday, mothers all over were treated to breakfast in bed, fancy Sunday brunch, or maybe just the liberty of sleeping in.  They received flowers, chocolates, books, and bubble bath.  They spent the day with their families; some at home, some out shopping, some at the movies.  They received phone calls, greeting cards, and text messages from children near and far.  Mothers remembered their own mothers.  Their mothers-in-law.  Their sisters, grandmothers,and aunts.

My mother worked.  No special day for her.  She went to church and then went to work at the nursing home.  She ate both breakfast and lunch alone.  She didn't even have dinner.  I called her last night at about 10:00 PM after her shift ended.  She was exhausted and hungry, but still as sarcastic and funny as ever.  We talked a little about random stuff.  Apart from the "Happy Mother's Day!" at the beginning and end of the conversation, it wasn't any different from any other phone call between the two of us.  We complained about our jobs.  We gossiped a little.  We gave updates on the week.  We hung up.

Brian didn't have to work as I had, so he was back home in Orem visiting his family.  He met them at church (late, of course) and after the meeting ended they headed home where the fighting ensued.  Brian asked if his parents would co-sign a loan for AMDA next spring, and they refused.  "Who says you're going to New York?"  "You already owe us money."  "Your credit is bad." And on and on.

Mother's Day dinner was awkward and strained.  And although his mother sent him off with plenty of groceries, new work shoes, and such (bless her soul) she would not support his efforts to attend school at AMDA.

It wasn't until he got back to our apartment that he noticed the $50 bill in his coat pocket.  He called his mother, who was confused about it.  She hadn't slipped it in there.  She called back later after doing some interrogating, and the culprit was Courtney.  Brian's 14-year-old sister had heard all the fighting over money and slipped in the cash.  "I would have given him more, but it was all I had."

Brian's eyes welled with tears when he heard this.  Mine did too upon the retelling.  I sent Courtney a text, lame as that is, telling her how grateful we are for what she did.  How great a person she was.  How much we loved her.  Her text back was simple: "No prob :) i love you too!  Just wanted to help"

So while mothers and fathers both get their respective holidays, I ask, where is the day for sisters?  When do we honor the constantly supportive and lovingly charitable sisters in our lives, who do for us what our mothers will not?

Chihuahua Comics: Our Fridge is a Fungus-Friendly Environment

Friday, May 7, 2010

Conversations at Tucano's

My friend Kelsey turned 25 yesterday, and by the way she was stirring fiber into her water you would think she was turing 52.  "I'm so old!  Give me a bowl of prunes!"

Her birthday celebrations started Tuesday night.  If any of you have ever been to Tucano's Brazilian Grill, you'll probably know that there's a way to sign up on their birthday list and get a free meal during the month of your birthday.  And if any of you have ever been to Tucano's Brazilian Grill, you'll probably know that a meal there is pretty expensive, so bring on the free food!

Kelsey's husband was off on a job somewhere, so she needed her gays to fill his shoes.  So Brian and I accompanied our "other Korean" to a night of meat, meat, and more meat.  For those who don't know, Tucano's has a great salad bar where you fill your plate up with all sorts of goodies like mashed potatoes, cheesy bread balls, fried bananas, shrimp, pasta, soup, and of course, salad!  Then the servers come around and bring various kinds of meats to your table, until your so full that you tell them to stop.  It was a welcome change after the week of Top Ramen that Brian and I have endured.

They set us up in a little corner, sharing a bench with another couple.

Kelsey: Sorry we're intruding on your evening.

Me: Yeah, I always feel awkward when I can hear other people's conversations...

Man:  No problem.  Hey, you said you got a free birthday meal, how did that happen?

Kelsey: You just sign up and they send you a card in the mail.  You can ask the server.

Brian:  Yeah, Jack and I do it all the time.

Man: Oh.  Too bad my birthday is today.

Kelsey:  Happy birthday!  Mine's on Thursday.

Man: I'm supposed to be on a diet, but...

Woman:  I couldn't not bring him here.  It's his favorite place.  The diet can wait.

Brian: Yeah, we don't diet.

Waitress:  Hi.  Welcome to Tucano's...hey, I know you!  You work at (insert name of girly lotion store)!

Me: Oh yeah, I remember you.  You were like, "Guess my age!  Guess my age!"

Everybody stares at waitress' gray stripe on her bangs.

Waitress:  Ha ha, yep, that was me.  Oh my gosh, how funny!  So what brings you guys here?

Kelsey:  It's my birthday.  I'm such an old lady!  I'm turning 25!

Me: That's not old. I'll be there soon.

Kelsey:  It's a quarter of a century!

Woman:  That's what I thought when I turned 25...

A server comes by with the first choice of meat.

Server:  So I've got Bacon-Wrapped Turkey and Filet Mignon, what will it be?

Kelsey:  Hey are you Tongan?

Server:  Samoan.  What made you think I was Tongan?

Kesley:  Oh  my gosh!  I didn't mean to offend!

Server:  I'm not offended.  So what will it be?  Turkey or beef?

Kelsey:  Seriously, I'm so sorry!  I'm from Hawaii, and there are a lot of islanders.  I would always get the Samoans and Tongans mixed up.  I could never quite get the accents...

Me: He doesn't have an accent!

Server:  Yeah, what accent?  I've lived in Salt Lake City all my life!  It's the older generation that gets offended over stuff like that...

Kelsey:  I'm still really sorry.  What's your name?  Monty?

Fast forward through a few rounds of meat and continual chatter with the couple sitting beside us.  Our waitress, who's name we've now learned is Kate, brings out a cake with a big 29 on it, followed by a huge group of noisy waiters.

Kate:  We've got some birthdays over here!

Man stands up.

Kate, to Kelsey:  You too!  We'll sing to both of you.

Kesley, standing: But I'm wearing a skirt...

Waiters all whistle.

Me:  Sexy, Kelsey!  Looking Sexy!

Kelsey does a little dance while standing on the bench, next to the Man who's just laughing shaking a tambourine.  The waiters sing a birthday song in Portuguese.  Man blows out candles.

Kate:  I'm sorry, I didn't know you were wearing a skirt! 

Me:  Oh, she does sluttier things than that!

Kelsey:  Thanks, Jack...

Woman:  Do you guys want some cake?  We're not going to be able to eat it all.

Kelsey: No, we couldn't eat your cake...

Woman:  Really.  We insist.

Me:  When I'm old I don't want number candles, that's lame.

Kelsey:  On my Sweet Sixteen I wanted to be able to blow out all my sixteen candles, and I was so mad that my parents got me a 1 and a 6!  I was jipped!

Me:  Yeah, when I'm 50, I want 50 candles on my cake.  When I'm 75, I want 75 individual candles on my cake.  I want that thing to burn!

Brian:  How would you light them all?  Maybe you could somehow arrange them like dominoes where you light one and it somehow lights all the rest.

Man:  That would be cool.  Here's your cake guys.

Brian:  I don't want any.  I'm too full.

Kelsey:  Now I feel like a glutton.

Me:  Oh, I'll take some cake.  Thanks.  Now I'm a glutton too, Kelsey.

Kelsey:  Thanks again for the cake, guys.

Woman:  No problem.  It's your birthday too.

Kate:  How's everything going?

Woman:  Great!  Here's a piece for you, as well.

Kate, taking the plate:  Thank you!  Oh my gosh, you're so sweet!

Me:  This cake is delicious, thanks again.

Monty:  I've got more meat... oh, it looks like you're done.  And everybody's eating cake!

Man:  We've got you a piece too.  We've had the rest sent back to your kitchens for you guys.

Monty:  Awesome.

Kelsey:  I'm sorry I thought you were Tongan!

Monty:  Get over it already, I'm gonna eat some cake.

Man:  Well we've better go.  Nice meeting you guys.

Woman, patting husband's stomach: Now it's back to that diet, huh?

Man:  Hey, is the sunlight in your eyes?  It's really bright.

Kelsey: Yeah, it is a little.

Man:  I'll get that for you on our way out.

Sure enough, as they were leaving they both stopped to adjust the blinds near the entrance.

Kate:  They were so nice.  Here's your check, guys.

Brian:  Can we get a pen?

Kate:  Oh!  I completely forgot!  Here's one... wait, is that one appropriate?  Yeah, here you go.

Brian:  What?

Kate: Oh, well, I have some pens in my apron that say some funny, inappropriate things...

Me:  Can we see them?

Kelsey:  We love funny, inappropriate things!

And that was how her birthday dinner was spent.  As we were leaving, I overheard Kate whisper to Monty, "I love that kid, he works at (insert name of girly lotion store)!"

Chihuahua Comics: The Newest Member of the Blue Man Group

This was a fusion of ideas from Kelsey Heck and Mesun Choi.  Thanks, ladies!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Last night I was reading my friend Kayla’s blog (she’s the friend that leaves most of the comments by the way) and she had written about some crazy landlord who asked her about her other life… her daydream life. She of course said that she didn’t have another life, just the one, and he insisted that both she and he led another life in the alternate universe of their daydreams. Apparently, it had something to do with their birthdays being so close together, but I’m pretty sure that all of us dream regardless of the month we were born in.

Her post was part quirky, part adorable. After telling the story she proceeded to list facts pertaining to her daydream life. In other words, things she dreamed were true. It got me thinking about my own dream life. If someone was able to meet me there, in that Dreamland, what would they see?

Here’s my list (and yes, Kayla, I’m flat out copying you. I’m a copy cat):

In my dreams, I’m not a copycat. I’m 100% original. Ha ha ha.

In my dreams, I have the body of a Greek god. You know what I mean. Great six-pack, broad shoulders and chest, muscles pretty much everywhere, wearing nothing but a fig leaf.

In my dreams, I don’t have to shave. I hate shaving.

In my dreams, I don’t work in a mall. I actually make a living doing what I love. I’m an animator.

In my dreams, I’m much more organized. My house is spic and span and decorated stylishly, of course. I’m always on time, and never rushed.

In my dreams, I’m a world traveler. I’ve backpacked across Europe, seen great museums, heard fantastic music, eaten delicious cuisine, and have many stories and treasures to share. I’ve racked up some serious frequent flier miles…

In my dreams, I’m a better lover, and I don’t mean that in the gross way you’re thinking. Pervert. I mean that I’m less selfish, more giving, more considerate, less grumpy, more trusting, more aware of my partner’s needs and wants.

In my dreams, I’m closer to my family and friends. Less estranged, more intimate. Less polite, more honest.

In my dreams, I’m closer to God. Maybe feel that he cares about me, loves me.

In my dreams, I have a family. Someday. Oh how Brian and I want that. To be fathers.

In my dreams, I’m a lot of things. I guess the challenge now is to merge my daydream life with my normal life. We’ve only got one life to live, and no, I’m not referring to that soap opera. Honestly. There’s more to life than TV, people.

Chihuahua Comics: Pretty Much the Gayest Toy Ever


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