Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chum Chat: Katie and 'The Daily Utah Chronicle'

Today’s “Chum Chat” is with my dear friend Katie Pratt.  She is an extremely busy woman, so I'm very lucky she had time to do this little interview with me.  On top of her studies at the University of Utah, she's also the current editor of the school newspaper The Daily Utah Chronicle.  Read on!

Joaquin:  Hey, Katie.  Although you go to school in Utah, you aren’t from there are you?

Katie:  No, I’m not.  I’m from southern California.

J:  So what made you decide to attend school at the University of Utah?

K:  I have loved Utah since I was a kid coming to visit my family.  It has been a great experience these past four years. 

J:  That’s great.  So what is your major at the U?

K:  I am an English major and love my classes for the most part! I especially like environmental literature and the Romantic period.

J:  Sounds like you enjoy what you are studying!  What do you hope to do with it?  I mean, where do you see yourself in ten years?  (Such a clichéd question, I know.)

K:  I don’t know what I want to do exactly... something that involves my interests in literature or editing.  I would love to be a wife and mom too!

J:  Of course!  Who says you can’t have a career and a family?  So how long have you been writing for The Daily Utah Chronicle?

K:  I have been with the “Chrony” for more than a year now.  I started as a writer, moved to editor.

J:  I was actually with you when you got the call about the promotion to editor!  Remember?  Tori and I were with you and we were shopping at the Gateway Mall!  So what exactly do you do now as the big bad editor?

K:  I coordinate what news will be in the paper every day and edit stories.  It is a challenging but rewarding job.

J:  I think it sounds awesome!  What do you love most about journalism?

K:  I don’t know if I can say I love journalism…

J:  Ha ha!  Um, okay…

K:  Well, I came across it in a sort of happenstance way.  I’ve always liked news though, and I’m an adequate writer, so I guess things just fell into place!  I’ve enjoyed having an “in” on all things going on at the U.

J:  You are more than adequate, my dear.  You say you like having an “in” on all things newsworthy, so what have been some of the most interesting articles you’ve written?  You know, stories you’ve covered…

K:  A highlight for me is definitely what I just finished working on now—the Tim DeChristopher case.  I am fascinated by his story.

J:  I’m not familiar with him... could you explain the story a little?

K:  He is a U alum and environmentalist who thwarted an auction that would have sold land near Moab, Utah to oil companies.  He is going to prison now.  Really amazing story

J:  I guess that’s what happens when I move out of Utah!  I miss all of the exciting news!  Do you think he should go to prison?

K:  No, I don't think he should be imprisoned but I think it is necessary to have the environmental movement publicized.  Hope that makes sense!

J:  Yeah, so you seem to care about the environment... a little liberal.  What exactly are your views on politics?

K:  Politics aren’t black and white for me.  I would consider myself a moderate.  I like to think I have a mix of progressive and traditional views.  I am fairly socially conservative, but liberal in my views of the role of government.  I am a total tree hugger!  Keep PBS!

And I don’t even get PBS in this hotel room!  Lame, huh?  Anyway, that’s the end of that.  I’d like to give a big thanks to Katie for participating in this “Chum Chat.”  Keep on writing, girl!

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