Saturday, March 19, 2011


"Happy Anniversary!"  WOO HOO!  

The first person to email me the correct answers to the following ten questions will be featured in their very own comic!

Hint:  All the answers can be found on this blog!

1.  In my very first blog post I explain the name Joaquin the Chihuahua.  So why did I choose Joaquin?  Why did I choose Chihuahua?

2.  As shown in a comic posted in April, what logo is printed all over my red pajama pants?

3.  On Mother's Day, who slipped $50 into Brian's coat?

4.  In June, Brian and I went to his sister Amy's high school graduation.  Who's graduation did we attend the very next day?

5.  What did my friend Kelsey and her husband get me for my 24th birthday?

6.  I've mentioned an animation project called "Tenny" a few times.  Who is this project with?

7.  Who wrote the book I read in October?

8.  On what holiday did I tell Brian's mother we were moving to California?

9.  What was the official name for our Christmas party in December?

10.  In February we temporarily took in a stray dog and gave him a name.  Who did we name him after?

1 comment:

Blake said...

I just emailed my answers but I don't think I won...


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