Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well, well, well.  Where do I begin?

So Brian and I have been really rreeaallllyy struggling this last month.  I've been trying to keep my blog upbeat, and leave out some of the uglier truths.  Which is a shame because originally I vowed to be truthful at all times with every post.  I guess I never really lied, I just only wrote when I was feeling especially optimistic or when something good happened.  You know, like my fun day being an extra on The Event.  True story, totally fun, but in the end not really enough to lift us out of poverty!  I've been trying so hard this month to get you all pumped up for the one year anniversary of the blog...  I suppose my fear was that the negative news of us starving and nearly homeless would dampen your celebratory spirit.

"Yay!  I've been doing this blog for a whole year now!  Isn't that great!  I haven't eaten in three days, guys... but hey!  Don't forget about the contest!  You can win a comic of your very own!!"

See?  It just doesn't work.  So here is the truth.  For all to see.  I AM A

Wow.  It seems so harsh to see it written like that in such big letters.  But it's true.  We've given up our quest for a new and better life in California, and have returned to Utah.  We will be living with Brian's family in Orem for a bit while we get ourselves back on track financially.  Gosh... it's so depressing, huh?  Maybe I should start lying more.
  • "Brian and I just got back from our really fun three-month vacation to California!  We spent some time visiting with my Aunt Rachel and my cousins, and then got a hotel in Los Angeles to see the sights!"
  • "So Brian and I just completed a social experiment for purely academic purposes.  We were studying the causes of homelessness amongst Americans during these hard economic times.  A documentary is in the works."
  • "We just took some time off to really find ourselves, you know?  Figure out our place in this world..."
  • "No, this wasn't a failed attempt.  It was actually phase one of a seven-step plan.  You see, phase one was to get out there and scout it out for a few months.  We're back in Utah to recuperate before the launch of phase two."
  • "Things were so successful in Los Angeles!  Brian just shot a pilot for a new television drama and I was hired on to animate for Disney.  Unfortunately we had to give it all up to take care of a sick relative.  She's severely ill and might be dying any day now.  We're so selfless."
Yeah.  I'm liking those excuses better.


~BeX~ said...

Jackie, I'm so sorry. But I don't believe you guys are failures! The fact that you tried is inspiring and I'm proud of you! With the economy the way it is right now it's nearly impossible to start over, and you guys were trying to do it from the ground up. Don't give up hope on your dreams, because they give flavor to life. You are an amazing animator, and one day you will show the world. The world just isn't ready for you yet! I love you and even though I'm so sad for you for having to come back to crummy old Utah, I'm glad to have my friends back. I'm here if you just wanna cry and vent for a bit. Or Gleek out. Or anything.

Katie said...

You guys are not failures at all, in fact, I admire your boldness in moving to LA! That was hard...and you guys have suffered enough. I can rest better at night knowing you both are eating and with loved ones. I'm excited to see you!


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