Thursday, March 17, 2011

Like a Kindergartner All Over Again...

Hey World!  This is just a quick little post to talk about how much fun I had working as an extra yesterday!

First off, I was really nervous.  Kinda like that first day of school nervous, when you are pretty sure that you will not have the same shoes as the cool kids... embarrassed that your crayons are not Crayola but the cheapy RoseArt ones... you know what I mean.  Luckily, I quickly met some really fun and welcoming people and I soon began to feel at ease.  Sure they teased me for bringing the biggest suitcase to the set, but it didn't matter because I had made friends!  These new friends were Vanessa and Aman, and the three of us did pretty much everything together all day.  Except bathroom breaks.  Those were done in private.

You're probably wondering why I brought a big ol' suitcase to work.  Well, we were all playing travelers for the television show "The Event."  That's about all I can say about the show.  Sorry.  But it was really fun walking around and joking with Vanessa and Aman in the background all day... and getting paid to do it!

And Brian wasn't lying about the amazing free food!  Just heaps and heaps of deliciousness!

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