Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Extra! Extra!

First off, I want to brag about how talented my Brian is.  He only joined Marjorie Ballentine's acting class two weeks ago, and she's already talking about switching him from the Monday beginner class to the Wednesday advanced class.  She told him this after he finished delivering a spectacular monologue this week.  His next assignment is to do a scene with another actor.  Sometime this week he needs to get together with her and rehearse.  I hope he can find the time!

You see, Brian's suddenly a busy guy!  Through his temp agency, he has been placed into a part-time data entry job with an auto dealer in Santa Clarita.  It doesn't pay very well, but a perk is that he can work whenever he wants, as long as he gets in twenty-four hours a week.  So it's very flexible for an aspiring actor.  And when he isn't working there he's working as a background actor, commonly known as an extra.  He's signed up with Central Casting, and he's starting to get gigs pretty frequently.

Being an extra has got to be the easiest job in the world.  From what I understand, Brian will be sitting in the holding area for hours at a time getting paid to just sit there and eat all of the free food.  And when they finally need the extras on set, he just goes out there and has pretend conversations in the background.  Then he comes home with a hundred dollars or more!  Most shoots run about twelve hours, and they pay over-time for anything above eight.  Essentially, what Brian makes in a week at his "real" job, he can make in a long day of being an extra.

And on top of all that, he gets to see celebrities! Unfortunately, I've been told not to name any names or we'd be sued for three million dollars.  I don't have three million dollars, so I'll keep quiet.  But just know that he's met several people that have made me very jealous.  He's seen television actors, movie actors, theater actors, and even an Olympian.

So the question is:  Why am I not an extra?


jenny said...

why aren't you?!
DO IT-!! =)

~BeX~ said...

I would say you're not an extra because you haven't signed up with Central Casting. :)


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