Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ask Joaquin: Wut Do U Think I Wuld Look Like Wit Straight Bangs?

From Renee:  Wut do u think i wuld look like wit straight bangs?

Today's "Ask Joaquin" question comes from my dear, sweet sister via text (can you tell?).  She wants to know what she'll look like with bangs, so I figured I'd help her get an idea.  Below is a picture of Renee as she currently is, next to an artist's rendering of what she might look like with straight-across bangs:

Hmm...  Pretty cute, huh?  I think you should go for it!  You only live once, Renee!  And while we're on the subject of new hairstyles, have you ever considered an afro?

 Hey, soul sista!  Or what about a mohawk?

A little too edgy?  Dad might kill me if I convince you to get a nose-piercing...  maybe you should just stick with the bangs.  Good, sweet, wholesome bangs.

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Renee said...

hahahaha. u wuld choose an ugly picture! :p but hm. i think im gonna cut my bangs straight ((: iv been wanting to try it and if it turns out horrible, thats wut bobby pins are for!

Renee said...

p.s. i look sexy with a fro! xD


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