Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fatty McFat

Look at my sad face...
Wow.  I honestly can't believe I'm posting this for all to see, but this is my body.  My flabby, fat and lazy body.  I'm like a hairy wildebeest only weaker.  Like a massive woolly mammoth only shorter.  Like Monstro the Whale with blubber by the bucketful (but not a muscle to mention).

My name is Fatty McFat, and I desperately need a change.

So today on the last day of the month, I am posting these pictures of my current unhealthy and undesirable physique.  On the last day of April, I will post new photos.  Hopefully within the month there will be some noticeable change.  If not, I'll work harder and post new photos at the end of May and on and on.  Once the photos no longer cause you to vomit at the sight of them, I'll know I've reached my goal!

And speaking of vomit, yesterday I had my first day of exercising in probably my entire life.  I'm not a fan of exercising (as you can see), so my body was more than a little shocked when I started to work out.  It was like, "What are you doing?  We don't move.  Why are we moving?  STOP, I SAY!" until I collapsed pathetically into a pile of my own vomit.  Gross.

My trainer for this endeavor is Brian's little sister Courtney.  She has me doing various exercises for my abs, arms, and legs using free weights, an exercise ball, and pretty much whatever we can find in the house!  She may be young and she may be small, but she is one tough cookie.  I'll also be walking to work everyday, which is about a half-hour each way.  I might start jogging too, and hopefully I can rope Brian into this new fitness regimen.

I also know I need to eat better, and the first thing I am cutting from my diet is soda.  I'm fairly certain I will go through withdrawals without my Coca-Cola, but it's not helping me out any.  To aid in the healthy eating, Brian has gotten some new cookbooks by Rocco DiSpirito called Now Eat This! and Now Eat This! Diet.  Basically they contain recipes to make healthier versions of the yummy food we love.  Each meal is 350 calories or less and still totally delicious.

If anyone has some weight-loss secrets they would like to share or some motivating words, please leave them in the comments below!  I pray to God the next set of pictures looks better... at least for your eyes' sake.


Anonymous said...

You are pretty pudgy like a little piggie! jk, good luck with the getting in shape. drink lots of water!

Caitlin Jarvis said...

A really great resource is It is an online community that helps you lose weight. It has an exercise tracker, a nutrition tracker and a journal where you can record your fitness. You can also join groups of people nearby you and find someone to exercise with or just post in the groups about your progress so you get some support. Also, it generates meal plans specific to your weight loss goals, so you can use it to tell you exactly what you need to eat every day in order to lose weight. It is an awesome resource and totally free!

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Thanks, Caitlin! I'll have to check that out!!

Renee said...

i don't see much fat. just lots of horrible posture!!!

Andrew's Amazing Abode said...

You call that fat?! Jack I do agree that most of us can be in better shape but you are a long way from obese. However, I have seen you significantly skinnier than that before so kudos to you and your new quest.

Ya know what I have been trying to find a motivation to start all over again and you just gave that to me. You are going to be my online fitness friend. I am willing to help you be holding you accountable and reading your blogs about it and I hope in return you will keep me accountable. Deal?

Right now I am about 40 lbs heavier than I was on the miss and I felt like I could have been fitter then that. So, I am setting a goal right now to get down to 215 before the end of the year and to increase my overall fitness by being active.

I am sure it was a scary thing to post pictures online of your body but I am going to do the same and send you a link to my blog. I also have some information I have been reading as of late and will send you some links.

Tip #1 Watch the amount of sugar you eat. It has less to do with calories, fat, or carbs and more to do with sugar. There are plenty of good foods out there but the best carbs, veggies, and fruits are low in sugar and high in fiber.

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Good idea, Andrew!! The more people who keep me accountable the better! And I think yours is a great goal so I'll be sure to motivate you as much as I can.

Oh, and thanks for the sugar warning. My sweet tooth is not going to be happy :(


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