Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cousin Oliver on the Drums

Brian's oldest sister Jenny was not cast in The Kesler Bunch simply because she does not live here.  However, she does come down on weekends so I guess she can be considered a recurring character.  Let's call her Cousin Oliver.  Anybody remember that little bespectacled boy?  He was in six episodes or so during their last season to make up for the fact that the Brady kids were all teens by that point.  Kind of like on The Cosby Show...when Rudy grew up they added Olivia to be the new cute little girl character.  There always has to be a little kid!  And Jenny will be ours.

When Jenny comes over, she brings her dog Lou with her.  I suppose he can play the Bradys' dog Tiger.  What ever happened to Tiger?  Although the doghouse was always part of the backyard set, the dog itself mysteriously disappeared after the second season.  Weird.  Well, if Lou keeps being as hyper as he is, he might "mysteriously disappear" too...

Anyway, so our Cousin Oliver doesn't feel too left out of the bunch I'd like to share this awesome video of her playing the drums.  Go Jenny!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, she's good!


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