Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Longer Unemployed Bums!

We entered the cul de sac of the Kesler Kingdom late last Wednesday, beginning our job search on Thursday.  I am very happy to announce that in less than a week Brian and I have both secured employment here in Orem, Utah.  Moments after Monday night's post, Brian was offered the data entry job that we hoped he would get.  Then yesterday afternoon I received a call from the movie theater with the same happy news.  We're no longer unemployed bums!

I am supposed to go in later today to fill out paperwork, then Thursday I'll be in training, and Friday I'm said to be working in full swing.  Brian has the rest of the week off (lucky fella) but begins his training on Monday, April 4th.  He trains part-time for a full week and then begins working full-time the following Monday.

Brian will be getting more hours at a higher pay rate than I, so he'll be contributing more to our bank account.  However, thanks to my job, we will be able to see movies whenever we want for free.  A definite bonus!  I also hope to come up with artistic ways of bringing in some extra dough (any ideas anybody?).  And with our lowered monthly expenses (no rent, no power, etc.) we should still have an extra $700 or so to whittle down our suffocating debt.  Once we get our credit cards paid off and various family members reimbursed, we will begin to look for a place of our own.

And as far as school goes, switching everything over from L.A. to S.L.C. won't be able to happen before this Monday when the spring term starts.  Besides that, I'm just starting at a new job and really want to get situated with that before I begin schooling.  So now I have to make a choice...  Do I begin in July with the summer term or do I start as early as May with their late-start program?  May has the appeal of being sooner rather than later, but it's done in half the time of a regular term so I would be doing two weeks worth of work in just one week.  It sounds a little overwhelming and I don't want to do poorly in school because I'm so stressed.  On the other hand, July just seems so far away.  I'm not getting any younger here people.

What should I do?

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Anonymous said...

July sounds good to you time to settle in...and I still want a pic drawn. Then I can hang it in my cube and see if anyone here would like one....can help with extra money. Luv, Tia Loca


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