Thursday, March 24, 2011

With Your Help, We Are Going to be Just Fine

So, yes, Brian and I are disappointed with the way things turned out.  But we aren't completely devastated.  I for one believe things happen for a reason, and whether I understand it or not, we need to be in Utah right now.  All that we learned in California only adds to our character and gives us experience to learn from.  Now we are embarking on a new journey here in Orem, Utah.

Last night Brian applied to a couple of jobs online.  This morning he was called by one of the employers and has an interview set up for tomorrow.  Things are already looking promising.  And as far as school goes, The Art Institute of Salt Lake City (actually in Draper, Utah) offers the same animation program that I was going to do in California.  We are going to be just fine.

And I want to thank our awesome friends for their love and support: 
  • “Just a temporary roadblock. Pick up your heads and embrace this new adventure!”—Mom
  • “Sorry to hear about L.A. not working out. The economy is still rough. You at least gave it a shot. There will always be a next time. Just remember that all successful people experience a few bumps on the road of success.”—Steven Davis
  • “Things will work out better in the future I'm sure :)”—Caitlin Jarvis
  • “Just remember when one door closes another opens keep your head up honey. You and Brian will be in my prayers.”—Stacy Lovato
  • “I hope everything works out for the best.”—Cynthia Steele
 And others... they are just happy we are living near them again:
  • “Oh Jack, I'm sad California didn't work, however I’ve missed you guys!! So kind of ‘yea!’”—Wendy Snarr
  • “Yay!  I’ve missed you!  I mean I’m sorry you’ve had to come back but I’m glad I’ll get to see you.”—Kayla Robertson
  • “Wahoo to moving on and I’m just happy you’re home.”—Mesun Choi
  • “I am torn between being sad and happy.  I can’t help it; I am a selfish b****.”—Kelsey Heck
  • “I’m with Kelsey!”—Darcy Posselli
And some were both supportive AND secretly happy to have us back in their lives:
  •  “JACK, YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!!!  You followed your dreams and it did not work out this one time, there will be other opportunities at perhaps a better time.  I’m sad things did not work out, but I’m glad you two will be in the same state.  When you both have settled in, I would love to have you both come over for dinner!!”—Gina Wehling
  • “Jackie, I'm so sorry.  But I don't believe you guys are failures!  The fact that you tried is inspiring and I'm proud of you!  With the economy the way it is right now it's nearly impossible to start over, and you guys were trying to do it from the ground up.  Don't give up hope on your dreams, because they give flavor to life.  You are an amazing animator, and one day you will show the world.  The world just isn't ready for you yet!  I love you and even though I'm so sad for you for having to come back to crummy old Utah, I'm glad to have my friends back.  I'm here if you just wanna cry and vent for a bit. Or Gleek out.  Or anything.”—Rebecca Hackket Lisor

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