Thursday, March 10, 2011

Transferred Credits

Transferring college credits is a pain in the ass.  I'm just saying.  First, I had to request my transcripts by mailing a form to Otero Junior College where I got my Associates Degree.  Then I had to call The Art Institute of California - Hollywood to see if they had gotten them in yet.  AI said they didn't get the transcripts, so I called OJC to see what was going on.  They assured me they had both mailed and faxed my transcripts, so I called AI back and left a message. 

A week later my adviser got back with me to inform me that AI did receive my college transcripts.  Then she started talking about scheduling a time to take my placement test.

"Wait, I still need to take that test?"

"Well, what do you mean?" she asked, "Everybody has to take that test."

"But, I have an Associates Degree, remember?  Didn't my math and English classes transfer?"

"Well, we can't transfer any classes without the course description.  If you want to bring in OJC's course catalog, we can take a closer look at the classes you've taken."

"Okay.  I'll get those to you then."

"Awesome, so when can you take the placement test?"

"If my math and English classes transfer, I shouldn't have to take that test, should I?  I mean, I won't be taking any math or English classes with AI."

"Oh, right.  Because of the Associates Degree..."

"Yes.  So why don't we wait and see whether or not my classes transfer before I sit down and take a two-hour placement test that I might not need to take."

"Oh!  That's a good idea.  Just get us the course catalog and we'll go from there."

So I went to the OJC website and printed out almost 100 pages of the course catalog.  I even had to buy more printer ink.  I took them to the school and had to explain again why I wasn't taking the placement test.

"I'm just dropping these off.  That's it."

So after all of that, I am very happy to say that 62 credits have transferred from OJC to AI!  This is how it's broken down:

Media Arts and Animation - Bachelor of Science

Core:  I have 3 out of 104 credits completed.
Foundation:  I have 9 out of 26 credits completed.
General/Liberal Studies:  I have 20 out of 24 credits completed.
Humanities:  I have ALL 8 out of 8 credits completed.
Math and Science:  I have ALL 8 out of 8 credits completed.
Social and Behavioral Sciences:  I have ALL 8 out of 8 credits completed.

This is awesome because I'll only be taking Core and Foundation classes which are directly related to my major!  The one class I am missing in the General/Liberal Studies section is "Visual Language and Cultures."  So it's still nice and artsy fartsy!  And all that other boring stuff is finished already!

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jenny said...

ugh.. i totes feel your pain-! i have 4 schools under my belt and get to transfer them all-!


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