Saturday, March 19, 2011

Most Featured Friends of the Past Year

Although it's called Joaquin the Chihuahua, it's not always about me!  Plenty of my friends and family have been featured here on my blog.  Sometimes they are mentioned in an article, or maybe even a photo, or perhaps even depicted in a comic.  I present to you the ten most featured friends:

10th  Tori (mutual friend)
11 mentions, including 4 photos.

9th  Rachel (my aunt) and Courtney (Brian's sister)
A tie!  12 mentions each, including a cartoon of Aunt Rachel and 2 photos of Courtney.

8th  Amy (Brian's sister), Ryan (mutual friend and former roommate) and Katie (mutual friend)
A three-way tie!  13 mentions each, including 5 photos of Amy, a photo of Ryan, and 6 photos of Katie plus a cartoon and a Chum Chat interview.

7th  Jack (my dad)
14 mentions, including 2 photos.

6th  Katherine (Brian's mom)
15 mentions, including a photo.

5th  Kelsey (mutual friend and former neighbor)
20 mentions, including 7 photos and 2 comics.

4th  Kathi (my mom) and Daniel (my brother)
A tie!  21 mentions each, including 5 photos of my mom and 8 photos of Daniel.

3rd  Renee (my sister)
22 mentions, including 9 photos and a cartoon.

2nd  Mesun (mutual friend and former roommate)
37 mentions, including 7 photos, 10 comics and a Chum Chat interview.

1st  Brian (my partner)
Wow!  167 mentions, including 22 photos and 30 comics.

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