Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Sorry for Hating You, In-N-Out Burger

Californians are obsessed with In-N-Out Burger and I never really understood it.  I have a friend named Jason (a native Californian) who was my roommate at Brigham Young University who almost had a heart attack when I told him that I didn't much care for the franchise.

"What?!?  Have you ever eaten there?"

"Well, yeah," I said, "and I was a little disappointed.  I went on  a road trip with a friend of mine a few years ago, and we went to one.  Everybody who had ever been before always raved about it.  I guess it was so hyped up that I just expected... more.  I just didn't think it was that good."

Scandalized he replied, "Fresh isn't good?  Everything is fresh!"

I didn't know what to say to that, so I just said, "I don't know...  and they only have like 3 things on the menu."

Then he smiled.  "Well, there's a secret menu for those who know."

I'm sorry, but the idea of a secret menu that I didn't know about just gave me another thing to dislike about In-N-Out Burger.  Exclusivity is not my cup of tea.  So from then on I just stayed quiet whenever people talked about it.  And then not long ago Utah started getting In-N-Out Burgers and I just rolled my eyes.  They were a huge hit and the drive-thrus would have lines a mile long.  I confessed my hate for In-N-Out to Brian, and luckily he didn't care much for it either.

However, I feel like an apology is due.  You see, Brian's mom recently mailed us a gift card to In-N-Out Burger, and even though I wouldn't normally eat there, it's hard to not take advantage of free food.  As the saying goes, "beggars can't be choosers."  So today Brian and I went, and I gotta say, it was better than I remembered.

We both ordered the Double-Double and it was actually a really good burger!  The beef patties were moist and delicious, the cheese was nice and melted, the tomatoes and lettuce were fresh and crisp, and the bun was just perfect.  I was shocked.  I remembered it being blah, and here I was enjoying the very restaurant that I supposedly hated.  I felt like such a fool.

So I want to say that I'm sorry.  It was mean of me to hate In-N-Out Burger so much.

However, I'm still not a fan of those fries.  They are flavorless!  I'd much rather have Brian's homemade fries any day.  But the burger has earned my respect.

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