Friday, March 9, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 9

1.  My professors were in really good spirits this morning and were pretty much hysterical, especially Professor Albrecht-Crane.  You should have heard her joke about being afraid of the LDS Institute of Religion building on campus ("There's some serious stuff in there... and ovens!").  She even poked fun at our American obsession with not only pizza but cold pizza the next day.  But do you know what the best part of school was?  Today was the last day before SPRING BREAK!  I can sure use a week off!

Aren't these new pants freaking sweet?
2.  I bought some new pants today from the Gap!  (Shh... don't tell Brian.)  They are "crystal blue" denim-washed khakis.  I love them!

3.  Tonight at work I practically doubled my month again.  Oh, and watches seemed to be in fashion.  I sold TWO watches to one guy and Kate sold a watch as well.  I almost bought myself a watch tonight (because there is one that I absolutely fell in love with) but even after taking out all the links we could, it was still too big for my tiny wrists!  As devastated as I am to know that I can never wear that watch as long as I live, I'm counting the whole experience off as a positive because it stopped me from a very expensive impulse buy on my Zales credit card.  I didn't need it... so thank you, tiny wrists, for keeping me in line!

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