Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 3

1.  I had a store meeting this morning and I actually feel pretty optimistic about things.  A lot of changes need to be made, but I know we all can do it!  It seems weird that a meeting made me happy today... but in my defense, there were cinnamon-sugar bagels present.  There is nothing a good bagel can't fix.

Brett, Wes and Brian making dinner in the kitchen.
2.  Continuing with the food theme, Brian made us all some yummy penne vodka tonight and it was very nice to sit around a table of friends and family.  Brian's food always brings a smile to my face--and good company just makes it all the better.

3.  Since we have a house full of people staying with us all weekend, we thought we might as well invite a few more to party it up!  We had so much fun!!  Thanks everyone for coming!

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