Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 15

1.  Our internet is up and running again!  You do not know how much I've missed it!

Tuesday night is when it stopped working and on Wednesday I called our apartment's leasing agent, Kelsey, to see if she could get it fixed.  She called her contact at Century Link and he told her to give me a number to call.  So I called the number and spoke with a Century Link representative who was unable to help me because I didn't know my account number.  You see, our internet is provided to us through our apartment building so we don't know any of that information.  We just pay for it with our rent check.  So I had to call Kelsey back, get an account number and call Century Link again.  I was put on hold for about 20 minutes before someone did some troubleshooting that didn't result in anything helpful.

Realizing that I wasn't getting anywhere "over the phone" I called Kelsey back and asked if someone could be sent out to our apartment to fix it.  Century Link said they would, but by this point it was already 4:00 in the afternoon.  I knew nobody would come that day.  So then this morning I called Kelsey again and she said somebody would definitely come today sometime.  Then I got a phone call.  It was a woman from Century Link and she had me open up Internet Explorer on my computer, type in some weird number into the address bar which brought up information on my modem, and then type in a name and password that she dictated to me over the phone.  Just like that, our internet was connecting again.

It turned out that the code our modem was sending out had gotten scrambled somehow, so Century Link wasn't recognizing it as one of their modems.  Thus, we were connected but denied internet access.  After the hours of phone calls and frustration yesterday, I was very thankful for the woman who helped me today because she pinpointed the problem quickly and helped me to fix it.

2.  Leftovers.  Sounds kind of weird to say that leftovers make me happy, but they do.  We all know I'm not the greatest cook in the world and I'm trying not to spend so much money on food during the days, so leftovers are the best thing ever!  Brian brings home leftover food from work all the time and then I put it into a smaller container and take it to work with me.  It's pretty much the greatest thing ever.  What's even better?  Remembering that I have leftovers waiting for me in the work fridge as well!

3.  True Blood.  I'm just starting to get into the super sexy vampire show from HBO.  Michelle borrowed season one from a friend and we watched a bunch of episodes tonight after work.  It's a pretty addicting show!  Michelle's already seen it though, so it's really hard for her not to give away any spoilers.  Like who the stinking murderer is.  If anyone reading this knows, do not tell me!

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