Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 28

1.  Brian was home today so I didn't have to take the bus!  Not that taking the bus is that terrible--I mean, people are dying of hunger in some countries--but if I can sleep in longer and leave the house later for school, I am all for it!

2.  My friend and former roommate Jason (who works across the way at American Eagle) came over when his shift ended and talked to me for a bit.  It was nice.  I also had a conversation with our mutual friend Mikell late last night (which was technically this morning) via Facebook chat so it's just been really nice reconnecting with both of them.

3.  Alfred Hitchcock's Rope is a really great movie if you've never seen it.  It's about a gay couple who murders a man just for the fun of it and then invites all of the dead man's friends and family over for a party...  crazy.  And it's almost all one continuous shot!  So impressive!

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