Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 24

1.  After a long and uneventful night at work, I made a sale right at the last second!  Just 20 minutes or so before closing a couple came in and bought a watch/necklace gift set for one of the husband's retiring employees.  It wasn't a major sale but it was enough to make my day not a total waste!

2.  I saw the movie Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf for the first time tonight.  It was very good!  If you like older movies and appreciate a well-written and well-acted drama, I recommend that you watch it.  Seriously, Elizabeth Taylor is remarkable.

3.  Apologies.  There will never be a day that I'm not thankful for the opportunity to say I'm sorry.  With apologies comes the ability to move forward and hopefully never go back.

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