Friday, March 30, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 30

1.  I love my shower!  It's super sleek and sexy with its swinging glass door and the water is always hot!  I realize that not everybody in the world gets to enjoy a hot, soothing shower... so I am very thankful for it!  I LOVE SHOWERS!

2.  At work, Jen and I decided to play a game called "Impress Brett."  It started off with me writing Jen's name in block letters and coloring it in with highlighters (because work is sometimes on the slow side) when Jen commented that Brett was starting his shift next door at Bath and Body Works soon.  I started writing Brett's name and Jen said that she could write his name prettier.  The challenge was born.  Who could impress Brett?

The awesome envelopes that housed Brett's epic poems!
We didn't stop there though.  We decided a poem battle would truly decide the true victor.  So we each wrote a poem for Brett (which were then promptly recorded in the Zales Quote Book).  When we were done, I called his store and told him he needed to come over as soon as he could because we had presents to bestow upon him.  He was very surprised and happy!  So who won?  He decided Jen won the name-drawing and I won the poetry contest.

So it was a tie.  We must now enter into Round Two:  BAKED GOODS!

3.  Rafael came over tonight to hang out with Brian and I.  We just stayed up talking (in fact, we're still talking now) about a wide array of topics and having a gay ol' time.  Literally.  I sure do love a low-key Friday night.

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