Friday, March 23, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 23

1.  My sister Renee posted a photo of her ultrasound today.  My future niece/nephew is waving!  It makes me really excited to be an uncle.  I'm going to spoil the heck out of that baby!
Renee's baby is waving to the world!

2.  I had lunch today with my friend Sarah who I haven't seen in like three years.  We met when I first moved to Utah and was going to BYU.  We both lived in an apartment complex called The Branbury.  Over a tasty pesto chicken panini from Zupas, we caught up on each other's lives.  She's been a nanny in New York City and now she's getting ready to teach English in Korea for a year.  She sure lives a full life!

3.  In celebration of Tori's birthday, she, Michelle, baby McKenzi and I went up to Salt Lake City to check out the new City Creek Center's grand opening weekend.  We will have to go back some other time though, because it was much too busy to enjoy it.  There were mile-long lines to get into stores and a two-and-a-half hour wait to get into The Cheesecake Factory.  The craziness of the crowds aside, it looks like a pretty awesome mall!  It spans three blocks of downtown SLC and has some very nice stores (including an H&M which I am most excited to explore in the future).

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