Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 7

1.  My friend Michelle took me out to lunch today at Pizza Pie Cafe.  I of course enjoyed the food, but I also enjoyed the company.  We had some important things to discuss, but it was still a fun lunch.  (Holds out a glass) "To friendship!"

2.  My friend and cousin-in-law Brett popped by our store today to visit.  He used to visit us fairly frequently since he works next door at Bath and Body Works, but the last month or so his store has been undergoing a remodel so he hasn't had work.  I know my boss was super happy to see him (since everyone at Zales loves him to pieces).  And speaking of work, I also did a really good job talking about low monthly payments and showing off our Celebration Diamond which were both big takeaways from our recent store meeting.

3.  I got mail!  One of the happiest things in life is opening your mailbox and finding handwritten letters instead of junk!  One letter was from my 9-year-old cousin Ellie (thanking us for the birthday card we sent) and the other letter came from my friend Trevor who is off serving a mission in Mississippi.

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