Friday, March 16, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 16

1.  Brian called me from work this morning and asked if I would like to join him and his coworkers for lunch.  Of course I said yes!  The whole work crew and their families gathered in the Culinary Crafts kitchen to feast on buffalo wings, sandwiches, mac and cheese, fruit and lots of other goodies.  It was fun and I'm always well received when I attend his work functions.  I'm grateful Brian works with such great people who obviously respect and care for him.

2.  I found out my sister's wedding date today!  She and Jaylon are getting married on August 28th in Colorado, so I better request some time off right away.  I might actually have accrued vacation time by then so I'll still get paid.  But do you wanna hear something funny?  My sister's going to be almost 8 months pregnant on her wedding day!  She's going to be huge!

Which reminds me of this hilarious song from the movie Funny Girl.  Trust me, it gets pretty funny once Barbra Streisand shows up.

Or this classic sketch from The Muppet Show...

Oh, Renee.  I hope you laugh at these.  You know I love you!  I can't wait to attend your wedding.

3.  Some teenagers were blowing bubbles off the upper level of the mall today.  That might not sound so cool, but little kids on the main level were absolutely fascinated by the bubbles.  There were a bunch of toddler-aged kids running around catching bubbles and it was pretty dang magical.  Gotta love cute kids!

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