Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Optimism Challenge: Day 13

1.  "Jack and Michelle's Day of Fun!"  Today Michelle and I hung out all day watching movies (The Covenant, Easy A, Anonymous and Young Adult), eating pizza and basically just lounging around soaking in our own awesomeness.  It was a very fun and relaxing way to spend one of my two days off this Spring Break.

2.  Michelle and I have sort of adopted our friend Trevor so while he's on his mission we like to send him care packages.  We got one mailed off today full of fun St. Patrick's Day goodies--including an awesome shamrock tie!  He's gonna look awesome on Saturday!  We also mailed a card to our friend Wes up in Logan.

3.  Since we know my tax return is on the way, Brian and I decided we might as well purchase a new TV now.  Why wait?  So we ran off to Best Buy (after the Day of Fun, of course) and bought a 40" Sony flatscreen.  It sure beats watching movies off our laptop screen!

Our entertainment center is finally complete!

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