Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pre-Oscar Predictions

For movie-lovers like Brian and I, the presentation of the Academy Awards is an important event.  It's like a high holy day.  Like Passover.  Except we would never want to pass over the chance to watch the Oscars on television... especially when two of our favorite actors are hosting.  We love Anne Hathaway and James Franco!

So before the Oscars air tomorrow night on ABC, we wanted to make our predictions.  If you go to the official website, you can sign up for what they call "My Oscars" to get your own invitation, watch Oscar-related videos, and pick who you think will win.  Fun stuff, so check it out some time.

We now present to you our official predictions!  Predictions don't necessarily imply that we want them to win, so alongside, in parentheses, we will let you know who we would rather have win.
  • Best Picture:  The King's Speech (Black Swan)
  • Actor in a Leading Role:  Colin Firth
  • Actor in a Supporting Role:  Christian Bale (Geoffrey Rush)
  • Actress in a Leading Role:  Natalie Portman
  • Actress in a Supporting Role:  Melissa Leo
  • Animated Feature Film:  Toy Story 3
  • Art Direction:  Inception (Harry Potter)
  • Cinematography:  Black Swan
  • Costume Design: The King's Speech
  • Directing:  The Social Network (Black Swan)
  • Film Editing:  The Social Network (Black Swan)
  • Music (Original Score):  The Social Network (Inception)
  • Music (Original Song):  127 Hours (Toy Story 3)
  • Short Film (Animated):  Day & Night
  • Sound Editing:  Inception
  • Sound Mixing:  Inception
  • Visual Effects:  Inception (Harry Potter)
  • Writing (Adapted Screenplay):  The Social Network
  • Writing (Original Screenplay):  The King's Speech
We didn't make predictions for Documentary Feature, Documentary Short Subject, Foreign Language Film, Makeup,or Short Film (Live Action) because we were unfamiliar with the nominees.  We can't really choose for films we haven't seen!

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