Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Things I Love About My Brother

10.  Daniel and I both love the Harry Potter books and movies.  In fact, when he was younger, he wrote a fan letter to Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and got a signed photograph in return.
9.  He makes funny little noises sometimes without knowing it.  Kinda like a mouse.  In fact, in high school he had the nickname Mousey.
8.  The kid loves video games!  I totally suck at them, but he’s way good.
7.  He’s hardworking.  He always managed to get good grades in school, and now he has his first ever job at Burger King.  I hear he’s working a steady forty hours a week, late into the night, and is getting very big paychecks.  The kid makes more than I do!
6.  Boy, does he love sports.  He used to play everything when he was younger.  He was a fast runner in track and one of the best players on his team in basketball.  Nowadays he’s my go-to guy whenever I need to know something sports-related.  He watches ESPN almost religiously.
5.  He can’t drive a stick shift either.  Automatics all the way, baby!
4.  Although largely quiet and soft-spoken, he can be very affectionate and loving.  He isn’t afraid to give everyone in the family big hugs… even if it isn’t “manly.”
3.  He’s great for having all-day text messaging conversations.  I especially like that every sentence ends in “lol.”
2.  He treats his girlfriend with respect.
1.  He's never been ashamed to be my brother, even though we are so different.


Renee said...

Daniel is pretty awesome huh (((: i love him! and ill make sure he reads this haha

kasey said...

SO SWEET! He is lucky to have you Jack!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! I still haven't read the one about naynay.

Anonymous said...

That's Tia Loca the heck do I make myself NOT anonymous!? LOL!!


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