Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post-Oscar Opinions

The Oscars Ceremony has concluded, and Brian and I would have lost a lot of money had we bet on our predictions.  We are definitely not fortune-tellers (although the "real" fortune-teller they showed during the pre-Oscar stuff got a lot wrong as well) so maybe we should leave the predicting to the experts.  Whatever, it's still fun.

Here are the ones we got wrong:
  • Art Direction and Costume Design both went to Alice in Wonderland which we never saw coming.  We did love the costumes in that movie (and nothing else), but we figured the Academy would go with a period piece.  We were wrong. 
  • Cinematography went to Inception.  We're not mad about that.  It's a great movie.
  • Animated Short went to The Lost Thing which we haven't seen so we didn't pick it!  Would love to check it out.
  • Original Song went to Toy Story 3 which we wanted to win, but it's not the one we predicted to win.  We shouldn't have doubted our heart of hearts.
  • Directing went to The King's Speech.  We wanted Black Swan and were expecting The Social Network... so we were just way off.
So of the 19 we ventured to guess, we missed 6.   That's a 68% which, judging by our high school grades, would have been totally acceptable for Brian and a death sentence for me.  We did really good on the obvious ones though!  Everybody was expecting The King's Speech to win Best Picture, Natalie Portman to win Best Actress, and Colin Firth to win Best Actor so no surprises there.  I'm sure most people watching at home guessed those ones right.

As far as the ceremony goes, we were a little bit let down by Anne Hathaway and James Franco.  As much as we admire them as actors, they were not the greatest to ever host the Academy Awards.  To be nice, Anne had several funny moments when not overtaken by nervous giggling, but James was just kind of boring.  Some of the funnier bits were thanks to the pre-recorded clips like their opening spoof on the Best Picture nominees and the pretend musical numbers from Harry Potter and such.  Very funny watching Ron sing about the little ball of light in his heart!

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