Saturday, February 5, 2011

10 Things I Love About My Sister

10.  When she was little she would write her n's like h's, so we would all call her Ree-Hee (instead of Renee)!  I'm sure she didn't like it much.  Now I call her Sha Nay Nay, or just Nay.
9.  She's still shorter than me!  Yay!  I always love people who are shorter than me.
8.  The girl eats more Twinkies than anyone I know.  She even asks for Twinkies as her birthday or Christmas presents.
7.  She genuinely cares about others.  Unless you are stupid.  Or mean.
6.  She uses words like "da" and "dat."  She's gangsta!
5.  If only I could be as rebellious as she is!  Seriously, I wish I had a spine...
4.  She loves God and is on a quest to better herself.  I admire that.  She's even started her own blog about it (and I love her enough to design it for her).
3.  We went through a phase where we would do photo shoots together.  We'd put on different clothes, find cool locations and backdrops, and pose like supermodels.  Don't hate us cuz we're beautiful.
2.  We can talk on the phone for hours at a time.
1.  She loves me!  Renee has always been on my side, no matter what.


Renee said...

awwww i love you jack!!!!
be thankful dat da ree-hee nickname didnt scar me xD lol. i miss u! i need to visit.

Anonymous said...

awwww....I never heard of reehee! lol! glad it didn't scar you! I call you naynay! and do need to come out for a visit!


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