Sunday, February 27, 2011


Octopus Japanese Restaurant: 729 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA
Although I am not a fan, I couldn't deny Brian the happiness I knew it would bring him when our friends Jordon and Laurel suggested we go out for some sushi in downtown Los Angeles.  We had met up with Laurel for lunch about a month back, but we hadn't gotten together with Jordon yet at all, so we definitely needed to do something.  Both Jordon and Laurel are people we knew from Utah.  Laurel has directed Brian in various shows throughout his teenage years and Jordon is a fellow actor.

It was realized yesterday that none of us had any plans for our Saturday night, so we figured we should go out on the town.  "Paint the town red!" as Laurel joked.  Or maybe just go out for sushi at eleven o'clock at night.  That works too!  Jordon picked the spot, which was a swanky sushi place called Octopus.  We came at the right time, because all of the prices were drastically slashed for what they call "Reverse Happy Hour." 

I wasn't very hungry and, like I said, not a fan of sushi so I just ordered some Tempura Red Bean Ice Cream which was so delicious!  Seriously, there is nothing more beautiful than a man's relationship with his deep-fried ice cream.  Brian ordered a California Roll, Rainbow Roll, and Sashimi.  He liked them all very much, but his favorite was probably the roll Jordon ordered which had JalapeƱos in it.  It was like two of Brian's favorite things in one.

We have decided that the four of us should get together more often.  Laurel and I are thinking we need to start a game night.  I'm just happy for anything that doesn't involve sushi or the use of chopsticks... that's a game in itself for me!

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