Monday, February 14, 2011

10 Things I Love About Brian

10.  Brian gives a thumbs up whenever he says “awesome.”  It’s cute.  Even when he’s talking to someone on the phone he’ll do it.  Like they can see.
9.  We read books out loud together before going to bed or while driving in the car.
8.  He’s so talented!  He can act, sing, play piano, write, and cook!  Seriously, there is nothing he can’t do.  He’s even better than me at all the games on my phone.  He tops all my high scores!
7.  Whenever he makes anything to eat, he always serves me first.   I guess it just makes me feel special.
6.  He’s my personal chauffer.  It’s like Driving Miss Daisy!
5.  He’s really good with our dog, Buster.  I know he’s going to be a good father someday.
4.  Brian can always make me laugh!  He is so funny!  And I love when he sings in the car… so fun.  Sometimes we make up silly lyrics to songs we know.
3.  He rubs my shoulders while I’m washing the dishes.  Or sometimes he’ll kiss my shoulder.
2.  Basically he’s the best kisser ever.  Yup.  It’s true.
1.  He loves me day in, day out.  When I’m grumpy.  When I’m mean.  When I really need his shoulder to cry on.  No matter what.


Renee said...

d'awww!!!! this is too effing cute(: happy valentines day to you two love birds!

Anonymous said...

To Jack and Brian, the lucky ones, hope you have the greatest Valentine's Day ever!


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