Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Gleek Critique: "Silly Love Songs" Episode

Tina, Mike, Rachel and Mercedes sit and listen to the Warblers on Valentine's Day.  Image property of Fox.
It's Valentine's Day at McKinley High School, and Finn is feeling like a stud.  With the recent football win girls seem to be swooning over him, so he decides to take it upon himself to open a kissing booth.  He claims it's to raise money for the glee club, but really he just wants to kiss Quinn again (remember last episode?).  His plan works, and when they kiss:  fireworks.  The two realize that they may have ended things prematurely, and begin a love affair behind Sam's back.  However, Santana soon realizes and comes up with a devious plan to get things out in the open.  She gives Finn mono, who in turn gives it to Quinn.  What a coincidence that they would both have the kissing disease!

Cupid has also set his sights on Puck, who's got it bad for Lauren, the large and in charge hockey player turned glee clubber.  He tries throughout the episode to get her attention, even going so far as to sing Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" in her honor, but to no avail... she stands him up on Valentine's.  Lauren just wants to make sure that he really wants to be with her.  You know, playing hard to get.  And it seems like Puck is more than willing to play the game.

And then meanwhile over at Dalton Academy, Blaine asks Kurt for his advice on telling a friend that he might be in love with him.  Kurt of course thinks he is the "friend" of which Blaine speaks, until he realizes the guy Blaine's got the hots for is a Gap employee.  Poor Kurt!  The Gap guy turns Blaine down though, and Kurt decides it's the opportune time to actually tell Blaine how he feels about him.

The Pros:
  • "Fat Bottomed Girls" performed by Puck made me smile from ear to ear.  My mom was a huge Queen fan and I practically grew up on that song since it was one of her favorites.  So hearing Puck sing it was just the cherry on top of a deliciously fun episode.
  • Two songs sung by Blaine this episode!  Yay!  He and the Warblers performed "When I Get You Alone" by Robin Thicke and "Silly Love Songs" by Paul McCartney.  Both renditions were amazing.  I really love that kid's voice!
  • Surprisingly, I actually like the idea of Puck wanting Lauren.  I know a ton of gleeks out there want Rachel and Puck to get together, and they do have a bit of a past, but I don't think Puck would be good for Rachel in the long run.  But Puck and Lauren?  They are just so bad-ass!
  • Blaine finally knows that Kurt likes him.  They still aren't exactly dating, but at least it's out in the open!
  • Rachel's cover of the popular "Firework" was terrific.  She's a much better vocalist than Katy Perry.  No offense.
  • The entire episode got me in the mood for Valentine's Day!
The Cons:
  • Sue Sylvester was absent from the entire episode.  Always breaks my heart a little.  It would have been funny to see her crushing everyone's Valentine's candy or something.  You know, being her regular killjoy self...
  • It's really looking like Finn and Quinn are getting together.  I don't know why I'm so opposed to this.  I just am.  Maybe because I liked Finn and Rachel so much... oh well.
  • At the very end they hinted that Santana and Sam might have an interest in each other.  I really don't think that's a good idea.  Boo.
  • Tina's sobbing performance of "My Funny Valentine" was stupid.  I like her voice.  They should actually give her real songs to sing, not have her start singing and then start crying hysterically in the middle.  It wasn't even funny...
  • Kurt never sings anymore!  AAH!  He's just in the choir behind Blaine...  I miss Kurt's solos!
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jenny said...

i didn't watch this yet.. but then what about rachel? who will her new love interest be?

Anonymous said...

She says she wants to be single so she can pursue her dreams and not lose focus.


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