Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cone of Shame

Just look at our poor baby!  Doesn't it just break your heart into a million pieces and then stomp all over those pieces until they've disintegrated into dust before scattering into the wind never to be seen again?
My Aunt Rachel's landlord showed up today announcing that he was going to spray the house for bugs and that we all needed to get lost for a few hours.  All of us.  Including the animals.  Okay.  So where do we go?  We've known for a while now that we needed to get Buster to a vet, but have been avoiding it with several excuses.  The most popular excuse being that we should wait until one of us gets a job.  But seeing as Buster needed to leave the house as well, and we had no other plans really, we decided that maybe today was the day to take him to the vet.

So thank you, landlord, for motivating us to get Buster to the vet.

Our poor little guy has never been before, and he was pretty scared to be left alone with complete strangers.  Trust us, it broke our hearts to have to leave him.  But leave him we did.  And while he was alone at Mission Animal Hospital undergoing many shots and a life-altering surgery, Brian and I went out to lunch.  Then we went and looked at some apartments in Palmdale.  It was an enjoyable afternoon.

Well, for us at least.  Poor Buster!  He got tons of vaccinations done (DHPP/Corona, Canine Rabies, Canine Bordetella Intranasal, Deworm) and then we did the most horrible thing you could ever do to a male dog.  We snipped off his testicles!  Okay, so we didn't do it, but we paid the vet to.  So now little Buster Keaton is just half a man.  A mere shadow of what he once was.

He's currently lying on the couch, drugged up on Morphine and only half alive it seems.  To make his emasculation even more embarrassing for him, he's wearing the "cone of shame" as they say in the movie Up.  I hope he gets to feeling better soon, because right now he's a vegetable and I just feel so sorry for him.

I pray he'll forgive us someday...


Kayt said...

So you gave him the Bob Barker treatment? I have a friend who kept her dog's testicles in a jar on the shelf in her living room. I can only imagine why someone would want to keep these, and if the dog ever nostalgically gazed at the jar that contained his malehood. :)

Caitlin Jarvis said...

My little Rufus has been in the cone of shame a million times. He has this autoimmune condition that makes his ears bleed when its cold outside so he has to wear the cone fairly often to prevent getting blood all over the house. Also once because of this condition he had to have part of his ear amputated and he was in the cone for 2 weeks while it healed. Poor little pathetic dog. But dogs are so great!! I'm glad you guys got little Buster. Dogs make everything better :)


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