Friday, August 19, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Twenty-Four

My little brother Daniel just sent me a text message asking what I wanted for my birthday.  "Time flies!" he said as his excuse for thinking of gift options so late in the game.  I told him to get me an apartment, and he jokingly replied that he would do something even better and get me my own private island!  Could you imagine me on my own private island?  I'd be the Skipper, Brian would be my Gilligan.  We would sit in bamboo chairs and drink out of coconuts... or lay in a hammock while random television guest stars come by to visit.  Oh, what a life that would be!

But if my own flesh and blood brother hasn't gotten me anything yet, perhaps some of you others haven't gotten me anything yet either.  Maybe you need some suggestions?  Here is a list of some gift ideas with links to where you can buy them online!  Everything is under $15.

Jack's Birthday Wish List!
Of course you can always just get me whatever you want.  You probably know me better than I know myself and would get me something perfect on your own.  Last year I got a teddy bear named "Beary Potter" and I never would have thought of that... but I loved it!  I'm constantly surprised by the creativity of my friends!

Speaking of last year, here are the pictures from last year's birthday.  I was blogging then so you can read the posts "Jack Day", "Jack Day Part Two" and "Jack Day Part Three?" if you so desire.

LEFT TOP:  me, Kayla, Jenna and Melinda
LEFT BOTTOM:  Robert and Kelsey
CENTER:  Tori and Katie
RIGHT TOP:  Ryan and Mesun
RIGHT BOTTOM:  me and Brian

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