Monday, August 1, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Six

Sometimes I work in the morning and my blog posts come at night.

Yesterday's Joaquin the Chihuahua button went to Rebecca of Utah.  Her rendition of "The Birthday Song" was quite beautiful!  Look out for her on the next season of Glee!

Tonight you can win a Joaquin the Chihuahua sticker (yes, sticker) by being the first to email me ( the answer to this question:  What year was I born in?  If you are capable of subtraction this one shouldn't be too much of a stretch.

Speaking of birth years, did you know that Harry Potter was born in 1980?  Yep.  The books take place in the 90s, with the last one being in 1997.  The epilogue that takes place "19 years later" doesn't even occur until 2016!  Crazy, huh?  That means yesterday, July 31st, Harry Potter turned 31 years old!

Did you also know that Harry Potter's birthday is the second most celebrated birthday in the world?  Second only to the one and only Jesus!  And I was one of those devoted fans celebrating it.  A coworker named Emily invited Yasuko, Brian and I over to her house for a birthday party in Harry Potter's honor.  We had dinner and cake, played Harry Potter Clue and even shot off some fireworks.  I may or may not have run around with a sparkler shouting spells at people...

Before the Harry Potter celebration, Brian and I decided to have a peaceful picnic just the two of us.  He drove us to Nunn's Park and we enjoyed the beautiful sunshine, some yummy chicken and salads, and the gorgeous view of water and trees and mountains and sky!

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