Thursday, August 4, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Nine

Since I've already featured myself in the "Jack of the Month" today, I should probably keep this post short and sweet.  I don't want anyone to suffer from a Jack overload.  The symptoms can be very severe and as of yet there is no cure.  You would probably die within 24 hours...

Last night I celebrated my birth with a small get-together including Wes, Trevor, Michelle and my dear sweet Brian who was so kind to put up with our craziness all night.  Switching from a job where he sat for hours to one where he's on his feet all day has been a bit of a rough transition for him.  He was very tired but like a trooper he ate yummy food and watched Mary Poppins with us!

Yesterday's challenge to win a button and sticker was to send me a cookie recipe, and the best recipe goes to an old friend named Elyssa from Colorado!  I haven't made them yet, but as soon as I have the time I will!  They sound delicious!  I would tell you about it but she wrote that the recipe was "top secret" and I had to swear on the Bible and everything that I wouldn't share it with a single soul.  She had armed gunmen watching alongside just in case I got any crazy ideas...

You can win a sticker today by polluting my Facebook wall with really nice compliments!

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Sandoval Family said...

LMBO! you're so freaking funny! armed gunmen haha! I hope you like them. They're gooey with a super tasty flavor... If I wasn't on a diet I would TOTALLY make them right now!!!


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