Tuesday, August 2, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Seven

My Harry Potter obsession is becoming hazardous to my health.

During Wizard Week I had mentioned J.K. Rowling's new interactive website Pottermore.  It doesn't open to the public until October, but July 31st to August 6th she is giving a million people the opportunity to register early and get into Pottermore a month or so earlier.  All you have to do is answer a trivia question.  Easy right?

Well, easier said than done.  Registration opens each day at a random time, so my friend Michelle and I found ourselves constantly refreshing the page until four o'clock in the morning!  The question wanted to know by how much the Gryffindor team was beating the Slytherin team in the third Harry Potter book.  The answer was 60.  We had to multiply that number by 35, resulting in 2100.  That number had to be put at the end of a web address they provided, which took us to another website where The Magical Quill was waiting for us!

For those who don't know, The Magical Quill senses whenever a magical child is born and writes it into a big book.  Professor McGonagall checks the book every year and sends the Hogwarts acceptance letter to those children who will be eleven years old.  So basically, finding The Magical Quill means that we are magic and can enter Pottermore!  So we thought we had succeeded.

We hadn't.  We were supposed to make the quill levitate by moving our cursor left to right under it.  No matter how much we tried, it never levitated.  It kept telling us to try again.  For almost an hour we tried, cursing at the stupid computer all the while!  Finally we started searching online for help, and lo and behold somebody had posted the link to the registration page (that we would have been directed to had we levitated the quill properly).  So we did it!  We registered, were given usernames, and received an email with further instructions on getting into Pottermore!  My name is NimbusStone3!  Isn't that awesome?

Just agree with me.  It's awesome.  Although I am now thoroughly exhausted from staying up all night.  Luckily I had Michelle to make the late hours more fun.  And speaking of Michelle, she correctly told me I was born in 1986 so she won yesterday's Joaquin the Chihuahua sticker!  Today's sticker can be yours if you can be the first to email me (jjgarcia3@live.com) the answer to this question:  Would I rather watch HGTV or ESPN?

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Michelle said...

I kno the answer but I'll let someone else win! :)


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