Wednesday, August 17, 2011

25 Days of Jack: Day Twenty-Two

"Jackmas," as my friend Wes calls it, is getting really close!  Only three more days and I will be a quarter-of-a-century and an official failure in life!  I still don't have a grown-up job or a home or a family or anything that a man my age should possess!

Gosh, I don't even have a car!  While at Disneyland I saw a keychain that looked really fun and I would have bought it had I not realized that I don't own a single key.  No work car keys... not even a house key!  One night I had to break in through the garage like some common burglar...

So if you are thinking of birthday gift ideas, do not get me a keychain.

In unrelated news, yesterday's Glee party was a raving success for all involved.  My friend Rebecca took a bus down from the Salt Lake City area to hang out with us, which was a ton of fun since I hardly ever see her anymore.  When Brian and I had our own place she was a constant visitor on Glee nights, which were always the highlight of my week.

We gathered at my friend Michelle's apartment, along with Wes and Trevor, where we did everything I said we were going to do in yesterday's post, except for decorate Glee t-shirts.  Instead we left our red shirts unaltered and wore them to the Glee 3D Concert Movie in honor of the "Don't Stop Believing" outfits they wore in the pilot episode of the show.  Don't we look awesome?  We are even wearing our special blue 3D glasses that say Glee on the sides!

Trevor, Michelle, me, Wes and Rebecca just before seeing the Glee 3D Concert Movie!
And while we are looking at photos, let's go back in time a couple of years to my 21st birthday.  This was my second and final birthday spent in Chile.  This photo was taken at Maria Elena's house where my companion Elder Silva and I spent many a day with her two children and parents.  I know I have a photo of the family somewhere, but I couldn't find it...  Hmm.  Anyway, we still talk on Facebook from time to time and they are all very dear to my heart.

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