Monday, November 15, 2010

Wizard Week: My 'Half-Blood Prince' Premiere Party '09

When Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out last year, we threw a huge movie marathon to celebrate it!  So starting at the butt-crack of dawn we watched all  five movies on DVD (that's almost 13 hours of magical viewing!) mixed with game-playing like Harry Potter SceneIt? and feasted on delicious grub like fish 'n chips and cauldron cakes.  The last movie in our marathon ended in time for our whole group to run over to the Megaplex at the Gateway to see the midnight showing of the 6th Potter film!  It was such a geeky fun day!

Check out some of the pics...

This is at our old apartment, much smaller than this one, and we fit ten+ people in there!  Surely some magic was involved...
Some people got a little more into it than others.  My friends Jason, Mikell, and Shannon dressed as Ron, Ginny, and Hermione respectively.  Don't they look phenomenal?
Watching Harry Potter all day does some crazy things to us...  like some heterosexual snogging?  Yikes, Kelsey get off me!
We're way cooler than The Order of the Phoenix and Dumbledore's Army put together!  We're a mob of muggle misfits flocking to see the freshest flick in a fantasy film franchise!
Sometimes it's hard to tell if it's loathing or lust that exists between Harry and Draco...  And what's up with me cutting my hair every time a new Harry Potter movie comes out?
As far as this year is concerned, we don't plan on doing anything extravagant.  I decided that I'm done with party-planning... especially Potter parties.  I was really hoping that somebody else would throw a similar shindig and invite us but, alas, no one has.  Our movie tickets are bought, however, and we'll be seeing Deathly Hallows with our roommates Ryan and Mesun at 1:00 AM opening day!  Maybe we'll just have a little party for four...

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