Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful for Gingerbread Cookies

Last night we were all in a festive mood.  Christmas music was playing.  Snow was falling.  We were putting up our tree, decorating it with lights and baubles and ribbon all silver and red.  And such merriment was deserving of a holiday treat, so Brian made us all gingerbread cookies.

Brian basically followed Alex Guarnaschelli's recipe, except he added some fresh ginger as well as the ground dry ginger the recipe calls for.  Before he baked the cookies he let us have some of the dough, and it was so delicious!  Once the cookies came out of the oven we had a lot of fun frosting our cookies with orange icing and decorating them with gumdrops.  Eating them up with a mug of hot cocoa was just perfect!

So I'd like to carry on my November tradition and say that I'm thankful for gingerbread cookies!  I'm thankful for time spent with Brian and Ryan and Mesun.  The friendship, love, and camaraderie in our apartment is something I truly treasure.

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