Monday, November 1, 2010

Why, Hello, November!

I painted some baby pumpkins white and red, and placed them in a clear bowl with white paper shred and some fallen leaves from the trees.  My one and only attempt at Thanksgiving decorations.
I cannot believe that we've entered into November, the month of Thanksgiving!  The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is lowering, and before we know it, Christmas will be here!  And although the months fall in the same order every year, I must say that it caught me completely by surprise.  The New Year will be here before I know it...

And I'm happy to say that the first meal of this new month was a delicious Coq Au Vin Blanc prepared by my wonderful Brian.  Coq Au Vin, if you don't know, is simply chicken cooked in wine.  Normally it's prepared with red wine, but today Brian decided to cook the chicken in a white wine (hence the 'Blanc' in the name).  It was so beautiful and so delicious!  Just take a look at my plate:
 Oh, it was so amazing!  I really wish Brian was keeping up on his cooking blog, because this is a recipe that needs to be shared!  Just imagine, tender chicken thighs, doused in a white wine sauce, with scallions and Hen-of-the-Woods mushrooms... Am I spoiled or am I spoiled?

This month I'm going to try and show thanks in my blog.  Thanks for all of my many blessings.  And the first thing I'm thankful for is Brian's wonderful cooking!  Thank you, Brian!

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