Friday, November 5, 2010

Thankful For...

So I've already forgotten that I was supposed to be posting things I'm thankful for.  On the 1st I said I was thankful for Brian's cooking, and on the 2nd I was thankful for Brian in general...  On the 3rd I talked about the Hogle Zoo... so let's pretend that I said something like "I'm thankful for animals."   No, better yet, "I'm thankful for the stranger in the parking lot who gave us coupons for two dollars off each of our tickets to the zoo."  Thanks to her, we only spent $14 dollars getting in instead of $18!  I'm thankful for strangers!

Except for the strangers that promise me candy if I get in their vans...

Creepy.  So what else am I thankful for?  Let's see...  Thursday I had work in the morning and I must say that I'm thankful for employment.  I'm also thankful for coworkers who share their Hostess Cupcakes with me and tell me that they love to read my blog.  After work Brian and I went to see Hereafter so I'm thankful for free movies!  I'm also thankful for Matt Damon.  And director Clint Eastwood.

What else?  Oh! I'm thankful for the Salt Lake City Public Library who provides us with more free movies.  We just can't get enough of free movies.  Here's what we borrowed this time:   The Smith Family, Cool Hand Luke, The Dark Crystal, Alice, It Happened One Night, Harold and Maude, A Star is Born, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit which we watched last night with Mesun while playing Scrabble and eating spaghetti.  So I'm also thankful for roommates, board games, and food!

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