Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Shopping for our Thanksgiving Meal

While we were at the zoo last week, we excitedly spotted our Thanksgiving dinner running around...
We even saw our Christmas dinner...
Aren't they delicious-looking birds?

So today Brian and I went out to do our grocery shopping for our Thanksgiving meal.  You probably think it's a little early for that, but we're not celebrating it on the 25th like everyone else.  We're eating our turkey this coming Sunday, and Brian's whole family is coming up to eat it with us.  You see, Thanksgiving Day is a busy one for movie theaters, meaning Brian will be stuck working on the actual holiday.  At least he gets time and a half.  Who's thankful for paychecks?  We are!

Unfortunately, celebrating early means buying a turkey early.  Earlier than everyone else.  And earlier than all the turkey sales.  So we paid a whopping $17.50 for a 12-pound turkey...  However, being the discount ninjas that we are, we had some coupons and $6 in Smith's Rewards... so our entire Thanksgiving meal cost about $35!  That's only $5/person!

I'm so thankful for our Smith's Card!  I'm so thankful for turkeys!  I'm so thankful for shopping carts that don't have an annoying broken wheel that makes a funny noise wherever you go!

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