Saturday, January 15, 2011

Be Careful Not to Overspend

You might not know this, but I tend to believe everything that fortune cookies tell me.  I used to go so far as to keep them and tape them into my church notebook.  Back when I had a “church notebook.”  The other day Brian and I were eating Chinese and I opened my fortune cookie eagerly.  And although I no longer have a special place to tape it, I kept it and put it in my wallet. 

It said, “Be careful not to overspend.”

Brian and I both laughed hysterically when we saw it.  The very fact that we were eating Chinese at a restaurant at the time made the whole thing seem awfully ironic.  We had to spend to get the advice on not spending.  And if you’d seen the two of us these two weeks in California, you’d know that overspending is exactly what we’ve been doing.

It’s tough not having an income, you know?  Mostly because life continues to be expensive.  We may be sleeping on couches, but it still hasn’t stopped us from spending what little money we brought with us.  In fact, I think we spend more now than we did before.  We’ve been driving down to Los Angeles almost every day, spending money on gas and on food.   Luckily Brian's car gets great gas mileage, so it’s the food that’s the worst.  Even the dollar menu can add up quickly.

And on top of that, Brian needed new headshots.  And headshots are expensive, especially when you get them done by Mitchell Rose who’s one of the best.  So, please, if you can find it in your hearts, a small donation would be greatly appreciated.  Just remember your Sunday school lessons on charity.  Or maybe a fortune cookie told you once to be generous.

You can send money through PayPal.  My email address is  Thanks, Amy, for sending $30 our way.  It’s greatly appreciated, and I promise you’ll get it back someday.

Oh, and speaking of money donations, tomorrow I’ll tell you about a potential job of mine…

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