Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slow Season

Since I was working in a chain clothing store in Utah, it seemed like the logical thing to pursue employment at the same store at a location here in California.  You know, a transfer.  That’s what I did when I moved from Provo, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah and it worked out just fine.  But try as I might, none of the locations here seem to be interested in adding me on.  Maybe I smell bad.

“Hi, my name is Jack Garcia.  Are you a manager here?”


“Um… okay.  Well, I used to work at one of your stores in Salt Lake City, but I’ve recently moved to this area and was wondering if you were maybe taking on transfers.”

“Oh, well, it’s the slow season you know.”

“I understand that.  If you can’t, it’s not a problem.  I just wanted to give it a shot.”

“I see.  But it’s the slow season in retail.  As you can see we’re not very busy right now.”

“I understand.”

“You live here now?”

“Well, I’m currently staying with an aunt up in Littlerock…”

“Where’s that?”

“It’s a tiny town up near Palmdale.”

“Is that in California?”

“Yes.  Yes, it is.  But it doesn’t matter.  If I were to get a job here in Los Angeles I would move down here.  I’m only staying in Littlerock temporarily.”

“How long is the commute?”

“About an hour and a half, but like I said, it would only be temporary.  For a few more weeks or so.”

“There are closer stores I think.  Is there one in Palmdale?”

“I understand that there are closer stores, but I would really rather work at this one, sir.  I don’t plan on staying up there forever.”

“Well, like I said, it’s the slow season.  I don’t think I can take you on.”

“Thank you for your time.  I’ll just be go—“

“I’ll call you.  Give me your number and your old store number.  But even if I did hire you on, you’d only work maybe a shift a week.  How much did you make there?”

“I made eight dollars, sir.”

“Yeah.  You wouldn’t make much more here.  And only a shift a week probably.”

“Well, thank you for your time, sir.”

“I’ll call you.  But it’s the slow season like I said.  And Littlerock seems far.  I think it’s in Arkansas.”

“Thank you, sir.  I’ll be going now.”

So I gave up on the whole transferring idea.  Instead I hit Craigslist and applied to as many jobs as I could.  The only one to reply is a fundraising company called DialogueDirect.   Basically, the company works with a charity organization called Children International, and my job would be to canvass the streets in order to sway people into sponsoring a child in a third-world country.  Sounds like a tough gig, I know, but I’d make ten dollars an hour plus commission.

I interviewed with them on Friday, and I’ll know yay or nay on Monday.  I feel like the interview went well, so let’s hope for the best.  I need a job!

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