Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Things We've Noticed about California

While Apartment Hunting…

  • Apartments don’t come with refrigerators, and people look at you weird when you ask if they do. 
“You mean you don’t have your own refrigerator?”
“No.  We’ve always rented…”
“But how do you keep your food cold?”
We saw one place that came with one, and they boasted about it as one of their special perks.
“It even comes with a refrigerator, so you see we spare no expense!”
  • Heating and cooking are all gas, not electric.  That means one more bill we’ll have to pay.
  • Pull-out cutting boards (the kind installed in the cabinetry) are illegal.  Apartments that have them have had to nail them all shut to comply with the new law.  Apparently kids were getting hurt.  Don’t they know that kids can get hurt on anything?  Are we going to nail the cupboards and drawers shut too?

While Eating…

  • McDonald’s (and tons of other fast food places) have the calorie count posted next to the price.  Yep, right there on the big menu-board. 
  • Subway doesn’t have the Sub of the Day deal in California, nor do they do rewards points.  Brian handed over his rewards card and the kid tried to use it as payment. 
“You’re gift card is empty.”
“Um… I’m going to pay with my debit card.  Did you give me the points, though?”
“That’s not a gift card.  That’s a Subway Rewards Card.  You swipe it to give me points.”
“We don’t do that…  are you sure it’s not a gift card?”
  • It’s normal to see “We Accept EBT Cards” posted at convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, pretty much everywhere.  You would NEVER see that in Utah…

While Driving…

  • Everybody drives under the speed limit.  Maybe because speeding tickets are like $600 or more.
  • Nobody knows how to merge.  Or signal.  I just get to hear Brian shouting obscenities and honking his horn.
“What the EXPLETIVE are you doing?  Move the EXPLETIVE over!  EXPLETIVE!”
  • We often see signs that say "End Speed Limit" but then we don't know what the new speed limit is...


jenny said...

ah.. the joys of california. =)
believe it or not driving in DC is worst. sigh.

what is an ebt card?

Mishqueen said...

You're gonna love cooking with gas, Brian!!

If two Utahns are complaining about the traffic, it MUST be bad! ;)

Joaquin the Chihuahua said...

Jenny, it's basically food stamps on a credit card.

Brian Kesler said...

Yay for gas!! :)


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