Monday, January 17, 2011

Palmdale? We're Thinking No...

At one point I had posted on here that we were considering living in Palmdale.  Palmdale of all places.  But in my defense, who wouldn’t be enticed by a new one-bedroom apartment with granite countertops, washer and dryer, and painted accent walls for only $650/month?  To someone like me, that’s about as irresistible as a hot man.  Or a jar of peanut butter, you know what I mean?  Seeing all those amenities in an apartment I could easily afford was making me drool.  It was making me hungry.  If that apartment were being offered at Coldstone Creamery I’d be dishing it up in the “Gotta’ Have It!” cup that’s how much I wanted it.

But eventually I had to remind myself why we moved here.  We moved here to be in Los Angeles.  We moved here so Brian could get into Hollywood.  We moved here so I could go to an animation school.  So we could be where the action was.  So we could pursue our dreams.  We did not move here to settle.

Our life in Salt Lake City was safe and dependable.  Money was tight most of the time, but we both had jobs.  We had an apartment that we loved and we were surrounded by great friends.  Everything was fine.  Too fine.  We were growing complacent.  We were okay working in careers we didn’t want to be in because they paid the bills.  I seemed content throwing our little dinner parties, and decorating our apartment, and essentially forgetting that there were other things I needed to be doing with my life.

I realized that Palmdale would be the new Salt Lake City for us.  I knew that if I had an apartment that cute for that cheap, that I would never want to leave it.  I knew that I would feel comfortable with whatever job I got there, and before long, 6 months would turn into a year, which would turn into two, and I would find myself with what?  Another cozy apartment and an unfulfilling life.

So Palmdale?  We’re thinking no.  Besides, we toured an apartment on Hollywood Boulevard that makes the apartment in Palmdale look like the ugly Baldwin brother (you know which one I mean).  Of course it’s much more expensive than we can really afford, but this year isn’t the year for settling.  It’s the year for getting what we want.

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