Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movies of 2000: My Fave Five

5.  Bring It On
Even to this day, if I’m ever cold and say “brr” I’ll probably follow it up with the cheer, “It’s cold in here, there must be some Toros in the Atmosphere!  I said o-e-o-e-o, ice, ice, ice!”
4.  Pay It Forward
Haley Joel Osment gets shot in the end!  Shot!  I cry every time, especially when everyone gathers ‘round with the candles and “Calling All Angels” plays.  It’s so sad…
3.  Remember the Titans
Even though I’m not a sports fan by any means, I love this movie.  I think it has a lot to do with the message of equality and brotherhood and love… or the awesome 60’s soundtrack.
2.  Billy Elliot
It’s about a little boy who wants to be a ballerina.  Enough said.
1.  O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Who else but the Coen Brothers would think up a bluegrass retelling of The Odyssey?  George Clooney is so funny, but the music really makes the movie happen for me.  “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow” by the Soggy Bottom Boys is freakin’ awesome.

Honorable Mentions:  Miss Congeniality, Gladiator, Chicken Run

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